Hi, I'm Chris Frampton

I'm a 20 year film & TV industry veteran with an award-winning photography and film portfolio and a passion for working with actors. As a photographer, director, and mentor I’ve been helping folks in Toronto deepen their work, navigate the business, and build careers for over 10 years. Need some advice or want to find out more about my experience or approach? Book a sit down. Ready to be challenged, get focused, and start building the career you want? Explore some of the ways we can work together below.

I create powerful pictures that actually change how you audition

Anybody can take a headshot. I create personality-based images that get actors cast right out of the picture.

My unique, directorial approach to headshot photography has been creating emotionally rich images casting directors love for over a decade, and my clean visual style has been imitated by countless photographers both old and new. Using techniques from scene study, improv, and camera blocking I help you use the skills and instincts you already have to create subtle, powerful moments the camera actually understands. It’s a very effective approach.

Don’t take my word for it

I give my clients my all and I think it shows. Here are some amazing things people have said about me.

My audition workshops are a unique experience

I help actors of all levels sharpen their skills and get more work

My fun, small-group audition workshops are a great way for both emerging and mid-career actors to learn practical skills that will help them book more work. Unlike other audition workshops that adhere slavishly to a particular tradition or overload the actor with complex structure, my approach uses insight gleaned from thousands of hours of working with, auditioning, and directing actors to give them the simple tools they need to feel more confident in the audition room.


I’ve been know to share my thoughts

I think deeply about things most people don't think about.
Goldfish auditions and how to avoid them

Goldfish auditions and how to avoid them


Tell me if this sound familiar. Your agent calls. You have an audition. It’s a principal role, lots of dialogue. You read through the sides and you totally get this character. It’s amazing. You’re gonna nail this. You memorize your lines. You analyze the script. You cover the pages in notes. You practise it six … Read More

‘Be the ugly cream’ and 4 new rules for headshots

‘Be the ugly cream’ and 4 new rules for headshots


A decade ago, when I first starting photographing actors, the state of the art was in a very different state. Two-look shoots dominated (one smiling, one not smiling — what else could you possibly need?). Everything was film-based, and while colour was making a surge, black & white was still king. That part has changed … Read More

Video: 10 Years of the Best Actors Headshot Photography in Toronto

Video: 10 Years of the Best Actors Headshot Photography in Toronto


Most people think of headshot photography as a low art — somewhere between shooting weddings and portraits of babies in little firefighter costumes — but I disagree. It’s tough to even think of what I do as headshots. My approach to photographing actors has always been to reveal, not idealize. From the beginning I’ve listened … Read More

I help actors develop their craft and their careers

Nail that audition, get unstuck, reignite your passion, and build the career you want

I’ve been coaching actors informally for years, both on how to tighten up their on-camera performances, and on how to define their goals, get unstuck, and connect to the kind of work they really want to do. After many (many) requests I’m thrilled to be able to offer both 1-on-1 audition and career coaching to actors. Whether you need to polish a scene for an audition or self-tape or want to craft a plan to take your career to the next level I can help, sometimes in as little as a single hour.


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